ServicesThermal Conductivity Testing Services

We offer steady-state thermoreflectance (SSTR) and time-domain thermoreflectance (TDTR) testing services for thermal conductivity, volumetric heat capacity, and interfacial thermal resistance. Standard lead-times of two to three weeks can be expedited for an additional charge.

Laser Thermal Benefits

Nanoscale to bulk

- Interfacial thermal resistance
- Thin films
- Substrates

Turnkey testing

- Full automation
- Stream-lined analysis
- Single micron areal resolution

Unparalleled reliability

- Accuracy +/- 10%
- Repeatability +/- 0.5%
- Reproducibility +/- 1%

Validated results

- Validated against NIST CRM material Pyroceram 9606
- Bulk measurements at small volumes
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