Measuring Thermal Conductivity and Resistance for Dielectric Films as Thin as 1 Nanometer

SSTR can measure the thermal conductivity of films as thin as 1 nm, shown here for thin dielectric films (TiO2, Al2O3 and HfO2) on silicon substrates.

The Challenge

The need for increased control of layer thickness and uniformity as device dimensions shrink has spurred increased use of atomic layer deposition (ALD) for thin film growth. The ability to deposit high dielectric constant (high-k) films via ALD has allowed for their widespread use in a swath of optical, optoelectronic, and electronic devices, including integration into CMOS compatible platforms. However, as characteristic length scales of device nodes decrease to nanometers scales, temperature and power dissipation become a critical concern. The need to understand the thermal properties of these thin high k layers is paramount.

The Solution

SSTR offers all the flexibility, capabilities and sensitivities as lab-based, open-table optical pump-probe systems such as TDTR and FDTR to make these measurements.  The TDTR-measured thermal conductivities were reported in our prior work (APL Materials 6, 058302 (2018)) agree perfectly with our SSTR-measurements.

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