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Understand thermal properties from the atom to the application
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Expand Your Thermal Knowledge

Spend less time acquiring data and more time learning from it.

There’s a better option than enduring old, unreliable data, complex workarounds, or lengthy outsourcing. Laser Thermal’s turnkey steady-state thermoreflectance tool, SSTR-F, will streamline your thermal conductivity and thermal resistance testing for materials, interfaces, thin films, and substrates so you can develop better products, faster.

Thermal Management Made Better, Faster, Easier

Spend less time acquiring data and more time learning from it.

Develop Superior Products

Exceed your competition with innovative products that perform better because they were made with accurate thermal data.

Reduce Your Timeline

Model thermal properties faster and more often with our easy to set up, animated, high-throughput testing routine.

Do It Yourself

Traditional instruments are not time and cost effective. Bringing testing in-house will give you the freedom to test as often as necessary.

Thermal Conductivity Solutions For Technical Industries

The data you need to find answers to your thermal conductivity related problems.


Thin film and device-specific measurements

Aerospace & Defense

High power and low failure tolerance applications

Basic Research

Academics and laboratories


Thermal properties post-fabrication and at temperature


Adhesion and material properties

Our Clients Include Academia, Government and Industry

University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
Empa - Materials Science and Technology
The University of Rhode Island
Louisiana Tech University

Advance Your Company's Progress

High-Performance thermal management instruments and software systems that are easy to use

Getting started is easy:

1. Meet SSTR-F

Tell us about your thermal measurement needs and learn how we can help you quickly and easily measure materials with values ranging from 0.05 to 500 W/m/K.

2. Plug & Play

Forget weeks or months of waiting for results. After a single day of training, you can get reliable, repeatable data in just minutes.

3. Get better data

Armed with accurate thermal data, you can make confident decisions, reduce R&D time, and release better products.

Laser Thermal Benefits

High-Performance thermal measurement instruments and software systems that are easy to use

Nanoscale to bulk

- Interfacial thermal resistance
- Thin films
- Substrates

Turnkey testing

- Full automation
- Stream-lined analysis
- Single micron areal resolution

Unparalleled reliability

- Repeatability +/- 1%
- Reproducibility +/- 2%

Validated results

- Validated against NIST CRM material Pyroceram 9606
- Bulk measurements at small volumes

Products and Services

Thermal Conductivity and Thermal Resistance Measurements
SSTR-F machine

Steady-State Thermoreflectance in Fiber Optics: SSTR-F

Make innovative, high-quality products with the first and only instrument on the market that can deliver reliable, sensitive, and repeatable thermal conductivity measurements and analysis at the nano-scale. Thanks to its intuitive software and real-time analysis, the SSTR-F is easy to use with basic training.

Testing Services

Get the data you need, fast. We offer fast turnaround for full service thermal characterization of materials, interfaces, thin films, and substrates. We also collaborate with you to address complex thermal management issues and develop innovative solutions.
“Heat is attributed as the cause of electronic component failure 55% of the time.”
– American Society of Mechanical Engineers

The Data You Need Most, Made Accessible Now

At Laser Thermal we know that if you want to exceed your competitors with the highest-performing products, you need to quickly and efficiently understand the thermal properties of your materials.

But when your data is based on old, unreliable numbers or complicated workarounds, it’s hard to be confident in your results. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing accessible thermal property measurements of materials, interfaces, thin films, and substrates.

By utilizing emerging optical technologies, we’ll help you get simple, accurate, and rapid measurements of thermal properties, helping you get better data so you can make informed decisions and create reliable, top-performing products.

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