Understanding thermal properties from the atom
to the application

Enabling anyone, anywhere to understand material thermal properties with rapid, precise results

Laser Thermal Benefits

Nanoscale to bulk

- Interfacial thermal resistance
- Thin films
- Substrates

Turnkey testing

- Full automation
- Stream-lined analysis
- Single micron areal resolution

Unparalleled reliability

- Accuracy +/- 10%
- Repeatability +/- 2%
- Reproducibility +/- 2%

Validated results

- Validated against NIST CRM material Pyroceram 9606
- Bulk measurements at small volumes

Steady-State Thermoreflectance in Fiber Optics

The future of thermal conductivity measurements of interfaces, thin films and substrates.

Testing Services

Full service thermal characterization of interfaces, thin films and substrates.

Our Mission

Laser Thermal is dedicated to providing accessible thermal property measurements of materials, focusing on thin films. By utilizing emerging optical technologies, we provide simple, accurate, and rapid measurements of thermal properties, leading to increased customer knowledge of material properties.
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