Join the Laser Thermal team

Our growing team is passionate about developing novel optical thermal metrology techniques to address challenges in the semiconductor industry and beyond, and we need your help.

Our Beliefs

Here at Laser Thermal, our work will be guided and informed by our
commitment to utilizing emerging technologies to provide simple,
accurate, and rapid measurements of thermal properties leading to
increased customer knowledge and productivity.

As Laser Thermal looks to define the future of thermal metrologies
and become an international leader in the field, we will hold on to the following beliefs:


Commitment to Excellence

  • The little things matter: do them
  • Distill the difficult
  • Be an enabler of success

Do Good and Be Kind

  • Kindness matters
  • If everyone does a little, no one does a lot
  • Discussion is incredibly important, it can happen under the framework of respect and kindness

Succeed Together

  • Don’t have an ego
  • Trust the process and each other
  • Serve each other
  • Serve our customers


  • Complacency breeds failure
  • Trying new things and failing is ok (and good!)
  • Be dedicated to growing (innovate yourself!)

Enthusiastic Passion

  1. Positivity is contagious
  2. What we are doing is exciting, show it!

Who should apply?

We are looking for individuals who are passionate about complex and oftentimes new science and engineering problems, excited by the prospect of working in a dynamic startup environment, and ready to contribute to a collaborative, supportive, and hard-working team. Our ideal candidates are knowledgeable, self-motivated, and love taking on new challenges.

Benefits of Working at Laser Thermal

Our team loves what we do, and we care about each other. That means working to maintain the most supportive work environment possible.
  • Competitive salary and benefits.
  • A commitment to work-life balance and employee well-being.
  • A chance to grow your career as part of a dynamic startup working on critical industry challenges.
  • Opportunities to learn about cutting-edge optical metrology technologies.
  • A supportive, collaborative, and science-loving culture.

Why work at Laser Thermal?

Our team strives to draw from all disciplines of science, technology, and engineering to better understand the thermal properties of materials–from the atomic scale all the way to final applications. Focusing on accessible, accurate, and rapid metrology solutions for challenging materials such as thin films, we draw on knowledge of thermal transport, optics, materials physics, machine learning, AI, and intelligent design to enable continued technological advancement for a more efficient, climate-positive world.

Our Current Openings

If you are interested in joining our team at Laser Thermal, please send your resume and cover letter to