Join the Laser Thermal team

Our growing team is passionate about developing novel optical thermal metrology techniques to address challenges in the semiconductor industry and beyond, and we need your help.

Our Beliefs

Here at Laser Thermal, our work will be guided and informed by our
commitment to utilizing emerging technologies to provide simple,
accurate, and rapid measurements of thermal properties leading to
increased customer knowledge and productivity.

As Laser Thermal looks to define the future of thermal metrologies
and become an international leader in the field, we will hold on to the following beliefs:


Commitment to Excellence

  • The little things matter: do them
  • Distill the difficult
  • Be an enabler of success

Do Good and Be Kind

  • Kindness matters
  • If everyone does a little, no one does a lot
  • Discussion is incredibly important, it can happen under the framework of respect and kindness

Succeed Together

  • Don’t have an ego
  • Trust the process and each other
  • Serve each other
  • Serve our customers


  • Complacency breeds failure
  • Trying new things and failing is ok (and good!)
  • Be dedicated to growing (innovate yourself!)

Enthusiastic Passion

  1. Positivity is contagious
  2. What we are doing is exciting, show it!

Who should apply?

We are looking for individuals who are passionate about complex and oftentimes new science and engineering problems, excited by the prospect of working in a dynamic startup environment, and ready to contribute to a collaborative, supportive, and hard-working team. Our ideal candidates are knowledgeable, self-motivated, and love taking on new challenges.

Benefits of Working at Laser Thermal

Our team loves what we do, and we care about each other. That means working to maintain the most supportive work environment possible.
  • Competitive salary and benefits.
  • A commitment to work-life balance and employee well-being.
  • A chance to grow your career as part of a dynamic startup working on critical industry challenges.
  • Opportunities to learn about cutting-edge optical metrology technologies.
  • A supportive, collaborative, and science-loving culture.

Why work at Laser Thermal?

Our team strives to draw from all disciplines of science, technology, and engineering to better understand the thermal properties of materials–from the atomic scale all the way to final applications. Focusing on accessible, accurate, and rapid metrology solutions for challenging materials such as thin films, we draw on knowledge of thermal transport, optics, materials physics, machine learning, AI, and intelligent design to enable continued technological advancement for a more efficient, climate-positive world.

Our Current Openings

If you are interested in joining our team at Laser Thermal, please send your resume and cover letter to

Future Positions

We are looking for talent for our future positions at Laser Thermal, please send your resume and cover letter to

Job Title: Technical Sales – Thermal Metrology Solutions Manager
Department: Sales and Business Development
Job Status: Exempt
Location: Remote, West Coast US
Travel: 20-50%

About This Position

Position Summary:

As the Thermal Metrology Solutions Manager, you will play a pivotal role in driving sales growth and fostering relationships. This position involves engaging with key accounts, understanding customer needs, and providing innovative solutions. The Thermal Metrology Solutions Manager will have the autonomy to manage their travel schedule, with a focus on building and expanding business in the region. You will successfully drive new business prospect engagements in support of closing sales and driving revenue growth of Laser Thermal products. Establish rapport with key technical contacts of legacy, current and new clients about, and in support of, purchasing innovative leading edge thermal metrology instruments and testing services. Generate demand by evangelizing and passionately imparting a change of mindset against traditional thermal management thinking and legacy measurement techniques.

The Thermal Metrology Solutions Manager’s responsibilities include delivering product demonstrations, technical presentations, supporting customer trials, networking with clients, attending seminars and trade exhibitions, conducting research, increasing the industry’s knowledge of Laser Thermal products. You should be able to deliver excellent customer support and make appropriate suggestions for improvement. To be successful, you should demonstrate great active listening skills, patience, and confidence. Outstanding candidates are initiative-takers with superb networking abilities, research skills, and a good eye for opportunities.

Own the complete sales cycle from initial lead generation through contract close. Maintain long term account management responsibility.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Conduct routine visits (virtual and onsite) with accounts and new prospects.
  • Develop and strengthen relationships with key contacts within each account.
  • Identify opportunities for improving sales performance and driving business growth.
  • Proactively create and follow up on business opportunities with customers, prospects, and sales partners.
  • Analyze customers’ needs and propose targeted technical solutions to meet those needs.
    Coordinate projects in collaboration with technical teams and internal resources to fulfill customer requirements.
  • Regularly update the CRM system with sales calls, visits, opportunities, and projects.
  • Respond promptly to leads, customer requests, and quotes.
  • Maintain a well-organized and efficient schedule for customer visits to support business growth.
  • Collaborate effectively with internal teams, managers, colleagues, and customers.
  • Monitoring the on-going customer assessment of Laser Thermal proposals and forecasting potential sales of products.
  • Ongoing assessment of competitive activity, product capabilities, pricing strategies and general business initiatives.

Job Title: Technician
Department: Engineering
Job Status: Exempt
Location: In-Person, Charlottesville, VA US

About This Position

Position Summary:

Laser Thermal is looking for a Technician to aid in its research and development and manufacturing efforts. The Technician will work with product owners and engineers in order to develop test systems that aid the development of Laser Thermal’s products. These test systems can and will be multi-disciplinary, incorporating mechanical, optomechanical, electrical, and fiber-optic disciplines, to name a few. The Technician will also work closely with product owners and operations to manufacture products at Laser Thermal.

Key Responsibilities:

  • As a Technician at Laser Thermal, your primary responsibilities will include the following
  • Interpret technical drawings/procedures in manufacturing and test environments
  • Use a variety of precision test and measurement equipment
  • Manufacture and service production optical, electrical, and fiber-optic subassemblies and systems
  • Aid in the manufacturing of Laser Thermal products
  • Provide feedback and help to develop manufacturing documentation and procedures
  • Build electrical, optical, and fiber-optic test systems
  • Work effectively with cross-functional teams

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Problem solving and analytical skills to solve problems in manufacturing and test environments
  • Experience with opto-mechanical, fiber-optic, and electrical assemblies
  • Experience with PCB manufacturing, including working with surface-mount and through-hole components

Minimum Qualifications

  • Associate’s degree or 2 years of work experience in a related field
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills

Job Title: NTM Scanning Probe Scientist
Department: Engineering
Job Status: Exempt
Location: In-Person, Charlottesville, VA US

About This Position

Position Summary:

Laser Thermal seeks exceptional candidates for the position of NTM Scanning Probe Scientist. The ideal candidate will be responsible for advancing the development of the Nanoprobe Thermoreflectance Microscope (NTM) platform. Areas of focus include hardware engineering and system integration to optimize operation of the thermal metrology modes, as well as implementation of artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) algorithms related to automated/smart-experimentation, data denoising and correlative discovery of multiphysics phenomena.

Key Responsibilities:

As a NTM Scanning Probe Scientist at Laser Thermal, your primary responsibilities will include the

  • Contributing to the continual development of the NTM platform for thermal metrology applications, including thermophysical property measurements as absolute temperature of devices in-operando.
  • Leading the application of AI/ML algorithms on the NTM platform in foci areas related to automated “smart” experimentation, advanced signal processing approaches for high data-throughput and correlative discovery of Multiphysics phenomena.
  • Acquiring, processing and utilizing large training data sets to develop deployable machine learning algorithms/models
  • Deploying developed machine learning algorithms/models on embedded hardware platforms (so called ‘Embedded Intelligence, EI’) to facilitate automated experimentation at the edge and in-loop during scanning probe image/data acquisition.
  • Developing new operational modes to probe various electrical, mechanical, optical and chemical phenomena using the NTM hardware platform.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Professional degree in engineering (mechanical, electrical, etc.) and/or a scientific (materials, physics, etc.) discipline combined with work/research experience:
    • Bachelor’s degree with > 7 years work experience
    • Master’s degree with 3-7+ years work experience
    • Doctoral degree with 0-3+ years work experience
  • Prior professional and/or academic experience in one or more of the following areas is desired:
    • Scanning probe microscopy
    • Nanoscale thermal transport
    • AI/ML for automated/smart metrology and experimentation
    • AI/ML deployments on embedded hardware platforms