Learning Center

Unlock peak performance by mastering the fundamental principles of Laser Thermal’s SSTR-F.

Introduction to Thermophysical Properties

Explore analytical foundations, thermal metrology basics, and how SSTR-F offers a new, better way to measure and analyze thermal reflection and conductivity.

Instructional Videos

See Laser Thermal’s SSTR-F in action.

SSTR-F offers a new, fast, and easy way to measure thermal conductivity. Watch our videos to get an overview into the machine and its software, see how to measure thin films and bulk materials, and even learn how to perform a skew analysis of thin films. SSTR-F’s simple, intuitive design and software makes it possible for new users to start using the machine after a single day of training.



With application across a variety of industries and settings, see how SSTR-F can enable innovation for companies and researchers across the country. Some of our applications include measuring:
the thermal conductivity of thin films to isolate the conductivity effects of defect layers from high-quality crystalline regimes
thermal conductivity of films as thin as 1 nm, shown here for thin dielectric films (TiO2, Al2O3 and HfO2) on silicon substrates
the thermal conductivity for structures buried too deep for traditional measurement
the in-plane thermal conductivity of thin AlN films, proving in-plane thermal conductivities are record-setting, exceeding the heat dissipating ability of even diamond
extreme thermal conductivity ranges that prove challenging for traditional metrology approaches, including materials ranging from diamond to PCBM
or detecting defective substrate layers at depths impossible to resolve for traditional thermal metrology techniques

Thermal Tools and Calculators

Temperature Rise Calculators

Find temperature rise and determine the best choice of substrate for your design.

Thermal Energy Unit Conversion Calculator

Enter your known unit and we’ll automatically find the equivalent in 10 other units of measure.

Thermal Conductivity Unit Conversion Calculator

Convert between different units of thermal conductivity.

Volumetric Heat Capacity Unit Conversion Calculator

Enter the unit for your known volumetric heat capacity value and get 7 other conversions.