SSTR-F Instructional Videos

Welcome to SSTR-F! Advanced thermal metrology data is just a few steps away. As you get started, take a look at our walkthrough videos below to learn more about SSTR-F’s capabilities and how to use the analysis software to get quick, accurate information on your materials’ thermal properties.

Getting Started With SSTR-F

Get to know Laser Thermal’s steady state thermoreflectance system (SSTR-F) and start measuring thermal properties of thin films and bulk materials.

SSTR-F Software Overview

Get an overview of how to use Laser Thermal’s SSTR-F software to analyze data, determine sensitivities, and adjust parameters.

Measuring Thermal Conductivity Of Bulk Materials

Learn how to analyze thermal measurements of bulk materials with your SSTR-F software.

Measuring Thermal Conductivity Of Thin Films

Learn how to analyze thermal measurements of thin films with your SSTR-F software

Thin Film Skew Analysis

Learn how to use your SSTR-F software to perform a skew analysis for thin films.