Laser Thermal Featured in UVAToday

January 3, 2024by John Gaskins

Laser Thermal technology has taken center stage in a recent edition of UVAToday, and for a compelling reason – it’s transforming the landscape of thermal measurements. In a world where precision and efficiency are paramount to innovation, Laser Thermal promises to revolutionize the way we understand, analyze, and develop products using temperature dynamics. 

This groundbreaking advancement is propelling the field of thermal modeling into a new era, opening doors to a wide array of applications that were once impossible. The UVAToday feature describes the remarkable journey of Laser Thermal as it redefines the boundaries of thermal measurement and sets the stage for a future filled with unprecedented possibilities:

“In the span of two years, I’ve gone from running a lab at UVA to running a company in Charlottesville. I don’t think we could have imagined that it would grow this quickly,” Gaskins said.

“When you think of thermal failure, you always hear of bad stories like the Samsung Galaxy [phone] blowing up. That is largely because the industry has approached thermal from a reactive standpoint,” Gaskins said. “When something goes wrong, they try to fix it. We feel what we bring as a company is the ability to be proactive about understanding thermal properties, thermal failure and device heating.”

UVA Assistant Vice President for Economic Development Pace Lochte offered this glowing outlook for Laser Thermal:

“Laser Thermal is contributing important, highly relevant work to the rapidly growing semiconductor industry that will further reinforce Virginia as a good place for chip manufacturers and suppliers to do business,” Lochte said. “From a workforce perspective, this is going to create additional opportunities for our students to remain in Virginia after graduation, retaining valuable talent in Virginia.”

At Laser Thermal, we are on the cusp of a thrilling evolution in the world of thermal measurements. With precision and efficiency as our guiding principles, we are redefining the boundaries of what’s possible in the realm of thermal modeling for materials, interfaces, thin films, and substrates. It’s a journey marked by innovation, one that has enabled us to transform abstract concepts into practical solutions. 

Our aim is to provide real-time, high-precision thermal metrology data, and using our tool SSTR-F, we’re helping companies from thermal testing in-house with applications from research and development to quality assurance. The Laser Thermal trajectory is not one of theory but of tangible results, and as we move forward, we anticipate expanding our horizons, uncovering new insights, and driving innovations across domains. Our vision is to make thermal conductivity and thermal resistance measurement a seamless and valuable part of product development, helping companies create better products and drive innovation that will benefit us all.

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John Gaskins

As Co-Founder and CEO of Laser Thermal, John has conducted research characterizing the mechanical, optical and thermal properties of materials for almost two decades. John received his Ph.D. in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering from the University of Virginia in 2013.  His work developed methodologies for testing the size dependent properties in thin film structures.  After his Ph.D. John joined Patrick Hopkins’ group extending his Ph.D. work focused on mechanical property characterization to optical and thermal properties. John is leading Laser Thermal’s development of SSTR-F to provide accessible small-scale thermal conductivity measurements to industrial and academic partners.