Laser Thermal Introduces Edge Scientific as its Sales Agent for Thermal Metrology Instruments and Contract Testing Services in Canada

April 2, 2024by John Gaskins

Since 2005, Edge Scientific has specialized in representing the world’s most respected manufacturers of nanotechnology solutions.

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA, March 27, 2024 – Laser Thermal, a leading provider of advanced thermal property measurement tools, is pleased to announce the signing of Edge Scientific as its exclusive representative for sales of the company’s SSTR-F thermal conductivity and thermal resistance measurement instruments and contract testing services. 

Under the terms of the agreement, Edge Scientific will sell Laser Thermal products and services throughout the Canadian market, with a focus on serving the materials research and nanotechnology industries. Edge Scientific provides researchers and facilities with the expertise and equipment needed to customize their systems by integrating product lines for nanotechnology applications. Through a comprehensive approach Edge Scientific assesses the needs of its customers to develop complete application solutions for proposal submissions. Leveraging its extensive reach and established customer base in the Canadian market, Edge Scientific will lead the growing demand for thermal metrology solutions within the region. 

Ron Fisher, Laser Thermal’s Vice President of Sales and Business Development, commented: “We’re thrilled to have found a trusted partner with a stellar track record in Canada.  We’re eager to harness their expertise and enthusiasm to expand our reach and provide high-performance thermal management instruments, testing services and software systems that are easy to use.”

Stephen Wood, CEO of Edge Scientific, shared his enthusiasm to work with Laser Thermal: “Edge Scientific is excited to lead Laser Thermal’s foray into the Canadian market with its innovative thermal conductivity measurement solutions, which streamline thermal conductivity and thermal resistance testing for materials, interfaces, thin films, and substrates. We are thrilled to be able to provide innovative, high-quality products to our customers with the first and only instrument on the market that can deliver reliable, sensitive, and repeatable thermal conductivity measurements and analysis at the nanoscale.” 

The partnership between Laser Thermal and Edge Scientific represents a strategic opportunity to offer comprehensive thermal metrology solutions and services to cutting-edge Canadian industries. Both firms are optimistic that this collaboration will spur progress in thermal metrology and bolster their clients’ achievements.

About Laser Thermal:

Founded in 2020, Laser Thermal began as a spinoff from the University of Virginia, and today is a local Charlottesville, Virginia-based company providing accessible thermal measurements of materials primarily focusing on thin films. Laser Thermal designs and manufactures thermal metrology equipment that can measure thermal properties down to nanometer scales. Utilizing optical techniques, Laser Thermal provides simple, accurate, and rapid measurements of the thermal properties of materials. Laser Thermal offers contract testing and tool sales to best serve customer needs.

About Edge Scientific:

Established in 2005, Edge Scientific is a Canadian company that specializes in nanotechnology solutions. Representing the most respected manufacturers from around the world, we offer the largest portfolio of Electron Microscopes, X-ray Microscopes, In-Situ Systems, EM Sample Preparation Equipment and Consumables. Edge Scientific provides researchers and facilities with the expertise and equipment to customize their systems by integrating product lines for nanotechnology applications. Our approach is comprehensive. We assess the needs of our customers to develop complete application solutions. We also employ application specialists with expertise to ensure optimization of the systems we support.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Ron Fisher
VP of Sales and Business Development
Laser Thermal
937 2nd St. SE
Charlottesville, VA 22902

John Gaskins

As Co-Founder and CEO of Laser Thermal, John has conducted research characterizing the mechanical, optical and thermal properties of materials for almost two decades. John received his Ph.D. in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering from the University of Virginia in 2013.  His work developed methodologies for testing the size dependent properties in thin film structures.  After his Ph.D. John joined Patrick Hopkins’ group extending his Ph.D. work focused on mechanical property characterization to optical and thermal properties. John is leading Laser Thermal’s development of SSTR-F to provide accessible small-scale thermal conductivity measurements to industrial and academic partners.