Outpace Your Competition

In this short video you will learn how to bring thermal conductivity and thermal resistance measurement in-house so you can fuel innovation.
Shrink R&D Timelines
Get Unlimited Access to Thermal Data
Create Better Products

Don’t Let Approximations Hold You Back

Basing your thermal modeling on best guesses isn’t ideal, but it’s what everyone has been forced to do for years. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could quickly and easily measure and understand the thermal properties of every material you work with?

Watch our video to learn how Laser Thermal’s new tool, the SSTR-F, will help you do just that.

Get the Data You Need, When You Actually Need It

(And yes, we know you needed it yesterday.)

Better than 'Good Enough'

You shouldn’t have to settle on the quality of your data. We’ll show you how to get reliable, repeatable data from your own facility.

Speed Up Development

Stop wondering how your competitors passed you up. With the right data in hand, you can fast-track your process and surpass your goals.

Do Your Job

Instead of wasting time on workarounds and back guesses, understand the full performance metrics of materials so you can model and design accurately.

The Clock is Ticking…

Will your competitors beat you to the next best thing? Watch our video to beat the clock.

In less than 6 minutes you’ll learn…

  • An alternative to common thermal measurement practices
  • A way to reduce time spent on thermal testing
  • How to get thermal measurements for bulk materials, interfacial thermal resistance, and thin film measurements
  • How to get repeatable measurement regardless of user
  • Why your measurements don’t have to be performed by a Ph.D.

And more!

The Future of Thermal Metrologies Starts Now

Discover how Laser Thermal will keep you from getting left behind.

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