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Get accurate, reliable thermal resistance and thermal conductivity data with SSTR-F.
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Don’t Let Limited Data Hold You Back

We don’t have to tell you how difficult and time-consuming current thermal measurement tools are. Even in ideal circumstances, the data you get can have a high margin of error and is far from repeatable, let alone scalable. As thermal metrologists, physicists, and material scientists ourselves, we understand the limitations you’re facing. That’s why, through decades of research and more than 300 published papers, we set out to fill existing gaps in thermal metrology with SSTR-F: the first steady-state thermoreflectance tool that quickly and accurately measures thermal conductivity and thermal resistance for materials, interfaces, thin films, and substrates.

Keep Pace With Materials

As materials and devices continue to get smaller, we’ll help your research keep up.

Get Better Data

Not only is the SSTR-F faster to set up and perform measurements, it’s also more accurate than traditional measurement tools, with repeatability of +/- 1%.

Enjoy Easy Entry

Feel free to let students and researchers get involved without fear of unreliable results--training on SSTR-F takes less than a day, no Phd required.

Accelerate Breakthroughs

With accurate thermal data in hand, you can fuel your projects, get better results, publish more papers, and design better, more efficient products.

Thermal Data You Can Trust

Whether you’re working with academic or government research, SSTR-F will help you get the data you need for publications, awards, product development and more.

Getting started is easy:

1. Meet SSTR-F

Tell us about your thermal measurement needs and learn how we can help you quickly and easily measure materials with values ranging from 0.05 to 500 W/m/K.

2. Get Fast, Accurate Results

Whether we perform the testing or you add SSTR-F to your lab, you’ll get reliable, repeatable data in just minutes--including temperature testing.

3. Enjoy Better Data

Armed with accurate thermal data, you can lead your field, develop new technologies and products, and pave the way for future breakthroughs.

Proven Results

Check out our thermal conductivity database.

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